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Valium (Diazepam) Side-effects

Valium is probably the most common nervous system depressants. Valium can be administered intravenously, intramuscularly or orally. The diazepam in Valium binds with high affinity to the GABA receptor in the brain to reduce arousal and to affect emotions. That’s why it creates a calming effect and sometimes feelings of euphoria. Tablets are available in 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg strengths. You can buy Valium online via Online for a lower price and safe delivery.
Valium 10mg is often prescribed for anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawal, muscle spasm, seizure disorder, and preoperative sedation.

Valium Side Effects:    

Valium can slow down your brain’s activity and may interfere with your thinking, motor skills, and judgments. It is not advisable to combine Valium with alcohol and other drugs.
Like all medications, Valium has unwanted side effects, and the most common are: DIAZEPAM SIDE EFFECTS

• Dizziness
• Drowsiness
• Blurred or double vision
• Clumsiness or unsteadiness
• Fatigue
There are also severe side effects but rarely do they occur. But tell your doctor if you are experiencing any of these:
• Mental mood changes like memory problems, hallucinations, agitation, confusion, delusions, anxiety, aggressiveness, acute hyperexcited states, restlessness, insomnia, and depression
• Trouble speaking and walking
• Muscle weakness
• Shaking (tremors)
• Difficulty urinating
• Yellowing eyes or skin
• Signs of infection like fever, chills or sore throat that doesn’t go away.
• Shallow breathing
• Skin allergies like rashes or swelling
• Hypotension
• Gastrointestinal disturbances
• Incontinence, changes in libido, urinary retention
Other side effects of Valium are changes in salivation and dry mouth. For therapeutic dosages, Anterograde amnesia may occur. Higher dosages can result in inappropriate behaviour. Observations also show that there were minor changes in EEG patterns for patients who used Valium during and after the therapy.
Side effects of Valium can be severe. It is essential to follow the prescribed dosage of medication. Consult your doctor if you plan on increasing your dose and report any severe side effects.